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Variance? Maybe? idk..

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Variance? Maybe? idk..

Hi everyone,

I play live 200NL at my local casino, I am a recreational player and not rolled by any means to play, however I seem to do well enough to not get murdered every time I go. I dont really know how to ask this question so Ill just spit it out..  It always seems that after playing a long session where I have done well to build up a stack, I seem to get myself into some kind of spot where I feel like I have spewed off like 400bb in like an incredible cooler spot. For instance I have a pretty brutal hand I recently played(i am just going to use players that got involved in the pot)i have never played with these players other than this session.

UTG had around 1200 and he was really running hot and running over the table

UTG1 (me) i had 820 and i was playing solid, not too tight, not loose

SB  had like 520 or something and was really stationey, not buying any ones bluffs all night, call call

anyways, action was as follows

utg opens to 12

i flat with AA

folded to the SB who makes it 25

utg makes it 100...

I flat the 100

SB ships it all in

UTG shoves.. 

obviously i call with AA

SB has AK, UTG has 99

so the board runs out QQJ, 8, 9 GG and GN

Well there is the bad beat, but I guess my question is should i play any differently pre flop, like re raise utg?

I understand that there is luck and what not and that when we get a guy to stick in 400bb drawing to 2 outs its great for us.. Im just wondering as deep as we were, was i better off just trying to get it in vs 1 player? 

Please dont beat me up in the comments, just asking for opinions on whether we should be taking what seem like higher variance spots with such deeper stacks. Maybe i have no idea what variance is and maybe the hand i posted has nothing to do with the questions im asking..  Perhaps i should just shut my mouth. Thanks everyone and feel free to ask me questions if you would like more info.

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