Vs Lag with capped range as aggressor

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Vs Lag with capped range as aggressor

LJ: $218.70
HJ: $197.60
CO: $80
BN: $588.09
SB: $213.20
BB: $226.34
UTG: $87.60
UTG1: $200
UTG2: $217.20
Preflop ($3.00) (9 Players)
Hero was dealt T T
UTG raises to $6.00, UTG1 folds, Hero calls $6.00, LJ folds, HJ calls $6.00, CO folds, BN calls $6.00, SB folds, BB folds
Flop ($27.00) 4 7 8 (4 Players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $16.00, HJ calls $16.00, BN calls $16.00, UTG calls $16.00
Turn ($91.00) 4 7 8 T (4 Players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $54.00, HJ folds, BN calls $54.00, UTG folds
River ($199.00) 4 7 8 T 2 (2 Players)
Hero checks, BN bets $324.00, Hero calls $141.20
Final Pot
BN has 7 6 UTG2 has T T UTG2 wins $478.60
HJ is the recreational player. Bu is a LAG regular, seems like a decent hand reader that is very aggro across the board, and I feel I've done a lot of folding to his pressure in our history.

I think the flop bet is standard, given the recreational player. I did not expect 3 callers.

The UTG is a short stack, with a tight EP opening range. I feel his hand is now extremely face up as 44/55/some 99?.

The recreational player has a just a ton of stuff. From one pair, Ax gutters, 9Ts, 9Js, some overpairs, overcards with backdoors, pair and gutters, two pair, sets, up to the straight.

Bu has some 44, and 55,99,67s,45s,68s, 89s, 8Ts, (possibly 46s but that's a little loose even for a LAG) and maybe some TT,JJ he decided not to squeeze with. I feel the hands that beat me are going to get it in targetting the recreational player given he has already shown interest by the time it gets to him, and all the overcards/straight cards that could kill his action/have him beat.


And then I boink a T. So the question is how do I get the most value considering I'm playing vs pretty weak ranges.

I think a bet is good considering the recreational player has shown interest. The T gives 99 an open ender, and 66 thee dumb end of a double gutter. The question is how much? I felt 2/3 was good given the weakness of my opponents ranges, but looking back I wonder if bigger would be better given so much interest and the fact I expceted the weaker player to call and pot odds to pull the other two in.

On the river, I think it's a pretty clear x/shove. What would ever x back that would call a shove/bet? 44 is unlikely to x back given from his position it looks like I have an overpair a lot. 8dTd is going to bet for value. The benefit is his pair + missed draws have the opportunity to fire. The downside is he may bet small and fold to a shove, expecting an overpair to take a x call line.

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