What to do when you suspect someone is a bot?

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What to do when you suspect someone is a bot?

I play with him every day and have good reasons to suspect he's a bot. Reasons:

When he losses a pot and falls short 100bb he doesn't top up for awhile. He only tops up every hour or so. He can have $40 at one table and $200 at the other ones. It's likely difficult to program a bot to top up on this site, so I imagine someone is checking up on it every hour. This player buyins in for 100bb so there's no reason for him to let his stack run short.

He plays a significant amount of tables and for long hours each day (8hrs+). No breaks. I just finished a 6hr session, slept and woke up, and he's been playing the entire time.

If I raise 2.5 he makes it 8.5, i raise 2.2 he makes it 8.1. That's an odd amount to detail considering the amount of tables he's playing.

Never plays < 5 handed.

And I have other reasons concerning his play..

How does one acquire evidence that a player is a bot? There have been several bots outed on the site I play on. I can't imagine the site will do anything without evidence. Also, how does one exploit a bot? Any vids on bot vs human play?

(The site is untrackable, no HUD, no HHs)

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