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2-5 annoying spots.

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2-5 annoying spots.

2-5 500$ max. 10 ring.

  1. Ep limps, hero raises to 25 in SB with AcKd, BB, EP calls. (I saw that BB was picking his chips like 35 for a raise before my act and he just called for 25)

Flop Ad 6c 8c 75
Hero checks, BB bets 50, EP calls, Hero calls. (I confidently checked with Ac in out of position for pot-control and protecting my check range)

Turn 9h 225
Action checks to EP who bets 125 (the one who made the pot bloated :( ), hero calls, BB calls.

River Td 600
Hero checks, BB shoves 325, EP folds, Hero ?

I got like 26% equity to call though.. I was blocking the NUT FD.
But, the thing is that I saw that BB was picking his chips to raise and I've played with him pretty many times..
I couldn't find any 7 or QJc in his PFR range but, AK AQ something like that.. he's pretty much able to over-evaluate his some TP good kicker hands.
should we make a call out there?
we getting a OK price to call but, the board is just too dirty and we having Ac.. I don't know what's better decision.

  1. Ep opens 15, CO calls, hero r to 60 with AsJh in BT (EP is pretty aggressive fish rec and having like 700ish. wanted heads-up with him) SB calls :(, EP calls for sure, CO calls. O M G should've sized up to isolate EP :(

Flop Ad Td 5h 240 (I got the OK flop.)
SB checks, EP bets 60, CO, Hero calls.

Turn 10h 420
Ep checks, CO bets 150, hero ? (hero just 380 behind, CO who is unknown covering Hero)

what would you guys do on the turn in the multi-way 3bet pot?
AsJh can be nice hands to catch the bluff in that board though we are having EP behind and pot committed if we called on the turn.

Any opinion and advice please :) Thanks for reading.

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