Dramadugi spot post flop: draw one or two?

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Dramadugi spot post flop: draw one or two?

Here's an interesting dramadugi spot that's not too uncommon:

Limit Dramadugi - 8/16
Table 'Circus Mix' Seat 4 is the button
Seat 1: V1 (1,098.55)
Seat 4: V2 (93.83)
Seat 5: Hero (369.85)
Hero: posts the small blind 4
V1: posts the big blind 8
Dealt to V1: [X X X X X]
Dealt to V2: [X X X X X]
Dealt to Hero: [7s 8h Ah 5c 6s]
V2 raises to 16
Hero raises to 24
V1 folds
V2 calls 24

V2 plays very aggressively from the button, and in general shorthanded, so I chose to 3bet him and try to get heads up.

  • FLOP * [3s 9d 7d]
    Hero checks
    V2 checks

So here's what I find interesting about this game. I can keep the A57 which gives me a pair on the flop. I could also keep 568 for straight potential, but a weaker badugi draw. I could keep some 4 card combination and just draw one to my badugi, but have better equity in the PLO hand, such as A568 or 5678. Being out of position, we have to draw before we see how many cards V2 takes as well. My guess is it's correct to draw 2 to my badugi and shoot for a freeroll situation, but I'm not exactly sure where the cutoff is where I need to start taking omaha equity into consideration.

I chose to discard the 78 and go all in on my badugi draw against this player. I'd love to hear if this is correct or not from a dramadugi specialist. :-) The rest of the hand works itself out, but I'm not sure my play was correct.

Hero discards [7s 8h] draws [3d 3h]
V2 draws 2
* TURN [3s 9d 7d] [Ad]
Hero bets 16
V2 raises to 32
Hero raises to 48
V2 calls 48
RIVER [3s 9d 7d Ad] [Kh]
Hero bets 16
V2 calls 16
Hero shows [3d 3h Ah 5c 6s]
V2 shows [4c Ks As 2d 7h]
Seat 1: V1 (1,090.55) -8
Seat 4: V2 (5.83) -88
Seat 5: Hero (464.60) +94.75
Rake 1.25
Hero wins pot (182.75)

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