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Grit your teeth and call this...

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Grit your teeth and call this...

$0.1/$0.2 full ring limit game on PS...no especial reads on villains; however most at this level will have 'creative' ranges and great difficulty in finding the fold button with g/shots or whatever...

Hero in CO with 2 red nines...

Utg - calls; UTG +2 raises, folds to me and I 3 bet, both blinds take 3 to the face cold and limper/original raiser call..

Flop: 92Q with 2 hearts..

Sb checks, BB leads, UTG folds, UTG+2 calls, I raise, SB calls, BB 3-bets, UTG+2 calls and I cap..all call...

Welcome to limit on PS!

Turn: J spades (brings second flush draw)

Sb checks, BB fires again, UTG+2 calls and I call...I still have outs vs a straight if that is what he has, never folding this..

River - A hearts - AAAGGH..

SB checks, BB leads for third time, I am getting 20.5:1 with a player behind me..

My thought here is that I just have to hate my life and call, and thank god its only limit...or is this just spew..?

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