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Open Face Chinese

Hey everyone,

First thread so I figured I'd start out just by saying the site looks great and I look forward to becoming an active member here....

Anyway: #OFC...

I was thinking about starting this thread for a few days but I'm not sure exactly what strategy content we should be discussing, and I don't feel particularly qualified to be making any outright claims. I'm sure there have to be people on here playing it, and since there's so little strategy content out there available for the game maybe we can start creating some here. So in an effort to get the ball rolling I'll start off with a few questions:

1. It's my understanding that you should always try to play pairs or trips with a kicker when you set your hand. If your hand doesn't contain live cards, how likely are you to break this rule?

2. Lets say you are dealt AK4ccc4x2x UTG. I think it's clear you'd break up your pair and go:

But what if you are dealt something like 378ccc8x2x. Still play the clubs? Are there times when, without knowing about dead cards, you don't play 3 to a flush?

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