Thoughts on this new Open Face Chinese version?

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Thoughts on this new Open Face Chinese version?

It seems like most people have converted to playing the Pineapple version of OFC, with a very small group still sticking to regular OFC. Pineapple is just a better game period, especially when played in a casino (where they take TIME drops) you are dealing with only 4 draws after the initial 5 card set (basically 4 different decisions) instead of 8 draws (or 8 different decisions in reg OFC). Pineapple just runs faster overall, but with that comes some absurd variance / swings. On top of that, you can only play pineapple at most 3-ways, where in regular OFC you can play 4 ways. All these differences essentially make these two very different games, with most people heavily preferring one version over the other.

Thought of this version this morning that pretty much has the best of both versions:

"3221 Open Face Chinese"
Regular Open-Face Chinese rules. 
Players set initial 5 cards, then the draws go: Draw 3, Draw 2, Draw 2, Draw 1
No discards. 
Fantasy Land = 13 cards

Very simple, very similar to the original OFC. It's basically regular OFC with 4 draws instead of 8, so it will play as smooth as most pineapple games in casinos. Since there are no discards, every player always sees 13 cards, therefore it can be played with 4 players again. You can also play this with the Criss-Cross that most people enjoyed on the original OFC app. The variance is obv increased from regular OFC since it will be much easier for players to set up to go to fantasy land and set up to get other royalties, but it won't be the kind of variance you see from 17 card pineapple hands. Fantasy Land also will retain the awesome value it once had.


Also thoughts on the draw structure being 3,2,2,1 vs 2,2,2,2? Which way would you think makes for a better game?

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