"Waiting For The Turn" IP

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"Waiting For The Turn" IP

Hey Guys,

I've only dabbled in o8, but I find learning about new games to be very interesting.  Normally, I think through everything on my own, but I have been having trouble with finding the "right" way to start thinking about a certain concept- When to raise the flop vs. when to call, planning to raise certain turns (IP and OOP).

Let's start with just IP, since it's easier (we won't risk giving free cards):

What factors should I be looking at (equity vs. his range, board types, low vs. high hand strength) when making this decision, and how would you go about "solving" for this in any practical way?

I'll give more of my thoughts later, but I want to see if anyone has some ideas.  I think I'm struggling to think this through due to my absence of a limit poker background.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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