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100/200 Eur live game hand

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100/200 Eur live game hand

Hello guys, I recently decided to take a shot in 100/200 EUR live PLO game in Austria, with quite a tough line up overall including Benjamin Spindler, Ronny Kaiser, Thomas Bichon & few other regulars. Game is a bit bigger as 400 straddle is being posted on the button half of the time. I recently lost a big pot with AKK2cc to AAT7 & this information is quite relevant from opponents perception in this hand. So Benny (we have long history both live and online) straddles the button (we played 6 handed at that time, my stack was 23k, both opponents cover me), small blind (staked guy, which is quite new to live high stakes PLO) calls, I raise to 1200 from the big blind with A665hh, Benny calls, sb calls, flop comes AK9ss, sb checks I bet 2800, Benny calls, turn comes 7, I bet another 7000, he times and calls, river comes 3, my decision ? The most optimal decision for an 8 spaded and non spaded, non Ace pairing cards ? Looking forward to your replies.

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