200PLO 300bb AA 4b pot - interesting nuances w/ shortstack involved

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200PLO 300bb AA 4b pot - interesting nuances w/ shortstack involved

In this hand, UTG is running 61/18 with 45% limp and 3% 3bet over 87 hands.

I have seen them overlimp MP vs a UTG limp and then flat my CO pot size 3bet with AAQ5 single suited.

I cannot get the "pretty" hand history option to work no matter what I try to do. Hopefully this is clean enough:

iPoker - $2 PL Hi (6 max) - Omaha Hi - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4: http://www.pokertracker.com

BB: 117.65 BB
UTG: 538.42 BB
Hero (MP): 296.99 BB
CO: 36.74 BB
BTN: 29.67 BB
SB: 100 BB

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Ah Jd As 5h
UTG calls 1 BB, Hero raises to 4.5 BB, CO raises to 16 BB, fold, fold, fold, UTG calls 15 BB, Hero raises to 65.5 BB, CO calls 20.74 BB, UTG calls 49.5 BB

Flop : (169.24 BB, 3 players) Qd 6c 5c
UTG checks, Hero bets 167.24 BB, UTG raises to 472.92 BB, Hero calls 64.25 BB

Turn : (632.21 BB, 3 players) 6h

River : (632.21 BB, 3 players) Td

So I think that I played the hand fine, but just wanted to check- mostly flop action.

If we assume the short stacker who 3bet ONLY has AAxx, therefore meaning the 2 other Aces are dead, is my line fine given that assumption? I think many players here are only 3betting AA, and I am interested in a "worst case" analysis.

I did my own work on the hand and found the following:

If we run HU equity for preflop for just myself and the deep whale, and enter the other 2 Aces as dead cards, my equity preflop against the hand they showed up with is 60%, and it is also 60% against a range of top 5% of the deck with the other AA dead. Against top 2% my hand with AA dead is still pushing equity.

On Flop, with AA dead, my hand against 5% has 57.17%, and against 2% is 46.57%

Preflop seems OK, but hypothetically if we KNOW the short stacker has AA, should we do anything different? Same question for the flop play.

I feel like SPR is low enough that We should be doing fine enough hand vs. range to just pot flop and stack off. Getting folds is a good event, as any small backdoor equity we ever manage to fold out seems good. We also get calls from hands like QJKXcc that we are behind (especially assuming the other AA are dead), but have enough equity against to stack off.

Should we do anything else on this flop? Is checking back and seeing a turn a better option?

Thank You!

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