25/50PLO: 3way 3bet Pot Deep

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25/50PLO: 3way 3bet Pot Deep

I open KcKsTsQh in EP to 200, HJ is stuck and seems to be vpiping a bit more, no signs of tilt but he has lost a lot of big pots. He is a good reg who plays very deep (25-30k). He 3bets me to 700 on Hj. He isn't overly aggro most often just loose pf. He is capable of big bluffs . A mediocre reg sitting 12k deep cold calls btn I have 11k. HJ covers.

Flop qcjc9s. I lead 1500/2100. Both call. Turn Jd. I check, HJ bets 5k/6.6k, BTN folds. Hero?

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