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300bb pot pre with good AAs hand. Super deep stacks, need help with flop lines.

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300bb pot pre with good AAs hand. Super deep stacks, need help with flop lines.

To start with, I can't seem to convert my hand history properly, if anyone here plays on "Svenska Spel" or any other boss network and might know why it doesn't work, and have a solution, feel free to tell me what to do : )

So as you can see I'm building a massive flop pre with 2 players all-in pre and a big stack calling. If we were 100bb deep and I had basically just a potsized bet left, I'd jam it on almost any flop. However, in this case, we still have a lot of chips behind. Villain was a maniac, raised and reraised all the time. He wasn't good, and overvalued a lot of hands. It is hard to put him on a range thanks to this, so i wanted to ask about how you would wanna play this hand post flop, more in general. Would you shove additional 300 bb in the pot on almost any flop? Is there any flops you'd check/fold on, or check/call, what kind of board textures do you think hit his range in this scenario etc. ? Any thoughts would be helpful here, cos making mistakes for these stack sizes obviously sucks.

GTech G2 Game #2461080177: Table Britta 28 - kr1.00/kr2.00 - Pot Limit Omaha - 21:24:30 - 2017/01/28
Seat 1: Balalajka (kr1101.25)
Seat 2: RTomassi (kr822.84)
Seat 3: midde747 (kr138.18)
Seat 4: Thojan (kr151.79)
Seat 5: L0C (kr1208.43)
L0C posts the small blind of kr1.00
Balalajka posts the big blind of kr2.00
Thojan is the button
Dealt to Balalajka [Ad 9d Qh As]
RTomassi calls kr2.00
midde747 raises kr7.25
Thojan raises kr26.75
L0C folds
Balalajka raises kr90.50
RTomassi calls kr88.50
midde747 goes all-in with kr138.18
Thojan goes all-in with kr151.79
Balalajka calls kr61.29
RTomassi calls kr61.29

Pot is kr595 and eff. stacks going to the flop are kr671.
I hope it doesn't look too messy.

For some BBV content, I flopped gin, got it all-in and took down a massive pot : )

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