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5-5$ live,2 hands

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5-5$ live,2 hands

Hi guys,today played a few hands where I have to doubt I played well


7 handed,5-5,straddle 10$, all players near 200bb
1300$ effective vs villain
2 calls before hero, hero limps otb with AsJsKc3h(dont wanted to blow the pot,players are weak), drunking reg pots 60$(1300$ effective),all fold
hero calls
flop 140$: Ks3s9c
Reg bets 100$,hero calls
turn 340$: 7d
reg bets 300$,hero pots, toughts?
I tought that from one way I can be behind vs sets or top two with FD,but from the other side I can take away equity from the hands KQJT or something, even I can bluff K9 or K7

7 handed,5-5
1300$ effective
All folds to hero, hero CO with KsK7s7,raises to 20$,sb call
FLop 45$: 882hh
check to hero,hero bets 20$,sb calls
turn 85$: Ko
sb leads 25$,hero raises 140$,sb reraises 300$!,hero calls
river 685$: 4o
sb bets 400$(600 behind),hero?

Sb is a fish, nothing spewy,some lose calls pf and postflop in the second hand

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