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50/100 hand against Jeans

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50/100 hand against Jeans

SB: Domce: $9900
BB: Jeans89: $20435
UTG: netinhomara: $2683.50
HJ: Vaga_Lion: $6505
CO: LamassuShedu: $10572.50
BN: cantbeat: $8295
Preflop ($150.00) (6 Players)
Domce was dealt T J Q 8
netinhomara folds, Vaga_Lion folds, LamassuShedu folds, cantbeat raises to $220, Domce raises to $760, Jeans89 calls $660, cantbeat calls $540
Flop ($2330.00) T 5 4 (3 Players)
Domce checks, Jeans89 bets $2275, cantbeat folds, Domce calls $2275
Turn ($6880.00) T 5 4 5 (2 Players)

Hello guys, decided to post another hand, which I played not so long ago against Jeans. I made a standard 3bet from the small blind vs wide btn opening range, got cold call from Jeans in bb & btn called as well. I decided to check flop and Jeans lead for a pot size bet, btn folded. I was quite surprised by the bet sizing by Jeans as I played a lot with him both live and online. I did put him on 54xx combos, naked flush draws, 576x, T76zx, A32x. I decided to make the call with following plan on various turns : shipping any non pairing heart + any non diamond K,Q,J,9,7; c/folding diamonds + A,2,3,6 (non hearts), c/calling T,8,5,4. Looking forward to reasonable opinions about the plan & the whole hand itself.

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