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$50/$100 PLO - 3-way Flop Spot with NFD + Bottom Two

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$50/$100 PLO - 3-way Flop Spot with NFD + Bottom Two

Blinds: $50.00/$100.00 (5 Players) UTG: MrSweets28: $11280.25 (Hero)
CO: gavz101: $12753.90
BN: DeanoSupremo: $9875.03
SB: ImagineKing: $6818.05
BB: BlackFortuna: $18668.05
Preflop ($150.00) MrSweets28 is UTG with 7 A 5 9
MrSweets28 raises to $350.00, 2 folds, ImagineKing calls $300.00, BlackFortuna calls $250.00
Flop ($1050.00) 7 Q 5
ImagineKing bets $783.75, BlackFortuna calls $783.75

I expect ImagineKing is usually not folding for his last $5k when he donks this flop. BlackFortuna can have a bunch of stuff that I'm doing quite well against.

My hand has a couple of interesting properties:

1) NFD which wants more people in the pot
2) Bottom two which could benefit from making someone fold Q5 or QT98 (assuming I have the other player's made hand beat)

Also, while my equity is quite good, my playability is lacking in that:

1) I don't expect a lot of action in a 3-way pot when I make my flush
2) Most non-flush turns are ugly for me

I really struggled to decide whether to call or to raise in hopes of isolating dominated combo draws at the risk/cost of forcing out weaker FDs and mostly getting action when my 75 is no good.

What do you think?

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