5/5 Live 3b pot flop spot, & discussion on 1/3 pot strat

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5/5 Live 3b pot flop spot, & discussion on 1/3 pot strat

full ring, casino setting
I played a little with villain the day before, no significant reads on him except that hes a reg and seemed to be a winning player in these extremely soft games (in Florida so you know its soft).

we are $1k eff (200bb) 1 fish limper, he opens button to 30, I have AdAs4d5c in bb (maybe there can be arguments for having a 0% 3b here idk what is optimal), i 3b pot, limper folds, he calls pot ~210.
Flop QcTc3d.
I decided that x/f was the best option here as obviously it is a bad flop for our hand and we can have much better hands with which to continue with. I would be x/c or x/r with plenty of better hands as stacks are such that x/r makes a lot of sense. In the actual hand villain potted it after I checked so its an easy fold
my questions are #1 is this a snap fold to everyone?(to me it is and I want to make sure I am correct)
and #2 at what villain sizing should we begin to x/c with weaker hands like this? I've noticed in a lot of the Galfond vids 6max recent high stakes games that villains are using 1/3 pot sizings here with a high frequency...and although that doesn't occur often live, I want to be prepared to combat it if it does

*#3 and most importantly: what do we look for when deciding what parts of our range we would want to use the 1/3 pot sizing? i.e. are we looking to stab cheaply with hands that don't mind being x/r off equity? are we balancing by trying to induce light peels with our hands that crush the board?
in other words is(are) there certain class(es) of hands that work best using the small sizing and other classes of hands that we should avoid it and always go bigger?*

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