66 on AT6r in 4way 3b pot, what do you do?

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66 on AT6r in 4way 3b pot, what do you do?

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5/5 live game with a $10 rock. Hero is viewed as very lag and someone who hates folding. There are a few minor details that you cant make out from the hand history in the link below. The game was currently 8 handed and i had the rock in the HJ. Action started on the fish in this 4way pot, who was the CO. The btn and SB are both regs, btn is pretty straight forward, SB is close to the same but with some tricky tendencies. In general both are very ABC. When the CO limp raises 3x and not pot, i think he never has AA combos and i think the SB knows this, which obv factors into my decision greatly. I think both my initial peel for $15 more and additional $50 are not worth mentioning specifically given I have best relative position. I think SB cr range should always be AT+ here, although its possible some A6 with gutters do the same. Im unsure of if he takes this sizing with whole value range, potentially to fold some of his A6 or AT combos if big action develops behind him or not. Its possible he raises small to induce with TT+ and pots all of his A6 and AT. To me, it makes little sense to do this though because its very plausible btn has some form of a wrap that hes giving great price to call with. Given action, what is best action?. My initial thought was jam...but the more i thought about it, i ended up with Call>Jam>Fold. Curious to hear everyone's opinion on that hierarchy. If you decide on jam, is there a stack size of the villain where it becomes a bad jam? (ex: always gii to 2000 or less but not above 2500? or something similar).....hopefully i worded that correctly. I also dont think its impossible for villain to have AA here at all, but as i said when he knows CO almost never has it and he knows btn almost never has A6+, it becomes a little dicey for me to decide range for gii. If i went solely on combinatorics, its very straight forward get in given assigned range, but perhaps some of these other factors will lead to you all disagreeing. Please lmk your thoughts on the hand below. Thanks!


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