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9 way PLO bomb pot where everyone has SPR of exactly 1

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9 way PLO bomb pot where everyone has SPR of exactly 1

I play in a live game where, once per orbit, everyone has to put in 5bb and then immediately gets dealt 4 cards and sees the flop with no further pre-flop action.
On the flop, you can either muck or put in 45bb ( no raises allowed), and there is no turn or river action.
So in other words, this game is basically a 9 way flop situation where everyone has an SPR of 1, and you can either go all-in or fold.
In theory, the BTN can get a walk without putting any money in--never really happens.
Any tips or material on this situation?
Examples of particular trouble spots usually are:

1) undertrips (e.g. Tx no overs, no pair, on KTT) which I
2) Non-nut combo draws, where you are likely to b dominated in multiple ways
3) The good hands (e.g. middle set) on very wet boards

In all these cases, I am guessing there is a positional threshold for calling and I also think that "getting a good price" is given more weight than it should be, unless drawing to the nuts.

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