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Am I stacking off too light on these flops?

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Am I stacking off too light on these flops?

Just want to check in with you guys regarding the following three spots (on whether I'm stacking off too light):


100BB effective, Hero opens for 2.77BB in CO with KdJd8h3h, BTN calls.

Flop Th 7c 4h.

H bets 70% pot, V raises, H 3-bets, V shoves, H calls.


100BB effective, Villain opens for 3BB in MP, Hero 3bets to 10BB from SB with AdAc7c6s, V calls.

Flop Jh 7s 5s.

H bets 60% pot, V raises, H shoves, V calls.


90BB effective, open limper, Villain raises to 4.4BB from MP, Hero 3bets to 15.2BB from SB with KsKdThTd, V calls.

Flop 3h 4h 5d.

H bets pot, V shoves, H calls.


I think I stacked off too light with hand #1. With hands #2 and #3, however, should I ever have a bet/fold range in these 3bet pots with these hands?

Another question:

If I decide I'm committed to a particular flop but my hand is vulnerable to draws (say hands #2 and #3) should I just bet pot always?

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