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Analysing my results

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Analysing my results

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(my english sucks, sorry)

I'm an old timer player. Used to play mid/high stakes LHE back in 2004-2007. I cashed out and started a "real" job. The game has change quite a bit.
A friend of mine is struggling to built his roll. I decided to come back and play from scratch and i'm having a good time. Deposit 200€ on 1/1/17 on PS and i try to play plo zoom. I'm a 750€ now mainly playing 0.25€ PLO but with a few shots at LHE/ 8games 1-2, 2-4 and 2 deep runs in MTT.
I dont know much about "big" bet poker so i'm struggling to analyse my results. I'm from Belgium and looking for buddies if someone is interested.

Over a pretty small sample at PLO (13k hands) i feel like a run pretty bad.
- My BB won without SD is decent i believe.
- I feel like i put my money in good All-in Adj BB is at 2000
- I lost a lot of All-ins as the graph says...

New game, new era, not used to "big bet"... I feel like i make a shit ton of mistakes... AM i missing something? Or am i just running pretty bad over that small sample?
I dont give a shit about the money right now so i'm not "tilted" , i can play micro stakes for quite a bit as long i as feel i have something to learn.

Thx for the feedback,


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