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Bankroll Management

HI everyone,

I have a problem with bankroll management. And ego. I'm playing .5/1 PLO all the way up to 10/20. There is no way I should even be playing 3/6. I do not have the BR for it. I run it up and take shots when I see the tables are clearly soft. Eventually I run bad and am back to square 1 before I ever ran it up. Usually don't even cash out. I think I'm good enough to be able to get my bankroll up to be able to sustainably play 3/6 and 5/10. I'm kind of tired of being stuck in the 100 trenches and need some sort of a goal to help encourage discipline.

What kind of challenges would you suggest to help encourage discipline on my part? Some kind of firm approach to bankroll management approach is needed.

Any thoughts/ideas are sincerely appreciated.


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