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Can I fold the river??

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Posted by posted in Low Stakes

Can I fold the river??

5 handed in a homegame.
Stakes 10c/25c

Preflop: UTG straddles and UTG+1 straddles aswell to 1$. Folded to me in the BB, I misclick call with A5TQ one suit to the A. 1. straddle(wild card) limps aswell, BB(solid reg) checks.

Flop: (3.1$) 234rainbow checks through.

Turn: Ah, brings in a backdoor flush draw (3.1$) I bet 1.5$. UTG(wild card) calls, UTG+1 raise to 7.5$. I call and UTG calls.

River: (25.6$) Js, board is now 234AJ and I have A5TQ. I check, wild card check, and UTG+1 jams for 17$. I call, UTG folds.

UTG+1 flippes over 456K.

Can I fold the river or play it any different?


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