Can't play online , gonna start playing live under rolled

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Can't play online , gonna start playing live under rolled

Hey guys , so Portuguese ppl can not play online poker until october probably , due to legislation stuff going on.
I was taking shots at 25plo again, after needing to cash out my roll some months ago for irl stuff.
Played my first time live 2 days ago , small 35euros PLO tourny (70 entries), and made FT , 8th for 66euros , it was cool for my 1st time but honestly the field was horrible , some guys didnt even knew the rules .
I really want to play the cash tho , problem is that the lowest limit is 1/2 with minimum buy in being 80euros . I obviously dont have the roll for it. I would say that its soft compared to what we are used online, played with a guy in this tournsment that made a lot of mistakes pre and pos, and when i busted he was playing cash.

I am thinking of going with a 1k or 1,5k roll and buy in for 50bbs so 10/15 buy ins (half buy in) for 1/2 , and just yolo it.
Any1 has some experience with live cash , tips etc ?

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