Casino 2-2 multi pot

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Casino 2-2 multi pot

Hello , i need your help with that hand. I was playing full ring 2 - 2 Omaha in casino , table is full of loose players .

EP 540$ (who raise every pot pre) raise to 12
me 200$ Ad4d4c6c call
Co 120$ SB 200$ and BB 240$ calls
So there are 5 players on flop
Flop ( 64$) T d 6h 4 h

I hit the lowest set on a very dynamic bord , EP checks , i bet 46 $ . Co ( loose passive player) call , sb( loose agressive player) shove all in and BB calls after a while of thinking... i lost this Pot vs BB who called with wrap , co had top 2 and BB nut flush draw...

What would be the right play here? to bet small ( like 20$)and fold if SB shoves and BB calls ? or just check fold to the action?

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