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Dhruv's 1-on-1 Coaching Zone! (MissionPossiblePoker)

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Dhruv's 1-on-1 Coaching Zone! (MissionPossiblePoker)

edit: updated pricing.

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well at the tables.

I would like to introduce myself as Dhruv Bhargava, a coach and video maker on RunItOnce. I have been teaching students how to get better at Pot Limit Omaha for over five years and have had great success in doing so. Some of my students have even been playing higher than I usually do and it warms my heart to see them get better at those games and add a lot of money and EV to their bottom line.

I firmly believe there are sports and mind-sports where the trainer needn't be competent in the current line ups but poker, in my humble opinion, is not one of those. I practice what I teach- GTO and deviations from it, all of which have worked for me in my games.

Please note, all mentioned results and graphs are pre-rakeback.

Here is my graph on, which is my primary poker room and the only one I track. I have higher win rates on app based games and websites that cannot be tracked.

6m results-

HU results-*


I have also won the Vision streaks multiple times in the last twelve months(both 6m and HU) and all of what I teach can and should be cross checked with relevant tools!


I have access to the most important PLO tools- Vision for 6m(50 and 100bb), for HU and for PLO5. Monker Solver is also a tool I use frequently, especially for river analyses.

Teaching Philosophy:

Having been a student of the game, having had a coach myself, I know getting the correct answers spoon-fed to you isn't going to make changes to your future game. And thus, I believe in adding to the way my students think. If I can teach you how to think about a spot, you can internalize those important heuristics and get it right on your own the next time a similar spot comes up.

If you've ever been a student or not, feel free to send me your questions about mindset, HH and poker in general. I try to respond to everyone who messages me.


My current rates are 120$ an hour. If you buy a bundle of 5 hours, I will charge 480$, giving you a healthy discount.
Should you buy 10 hours, I will charge you 840$.
If you and your friend want to do sessions together, you may add 20% to the rates above and split the cost between yourselves.

I accept PayPal and transfers on certain websites.

If you are serious about getting better at PLO, you should definitely try one session. If you like it, you have the opportunity to extend it to 5 or 10 sessions.

My teaching style can be found here.

You can message me via DMs on RunItOnce, or on IG @MissionPossiblePoker

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