Do we (nearly)always call from the BigBlind?

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Do we (nearly)always call from the BigBlind?

So my question is when do we NOT call from the big blind in a single raised pot? Ofc we fold garbage hands like 222* but it always feels kinda weird to call so much.
I think we should also not call bad hands with broadways like KT42r because the broadways will be often dominated? Same goes for bad low pairs?
And why dont have people a lot higher vipp in plo based on the wide calling ranges form the button? The vipp on zoom 10 on stars is 25% which i find kinda qrazy. I cant get below 30 even if i try lol
Do you also call very wide in single raised multiway pots or are you too scared of implied odds?

how much does rake factor in.

LeakbustersPLO is saying we should fold the BB to a steal 63-74%. This stat seems qrazy high. i expected to see 40%ish at max. This would mean we should only call with a COish range.

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