Experiment: Starting with $100

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Experiment: Starting with $100

Hey all,

I've done a bit of an experiment recently, where I started with $100 and testing whether it's actually doable to grind it up from there.  A lot of people have questions about whether the micros are beatable given the massive rake etc, so perhaps this will be of interest to some readers here in the forums.  Long story short, the $100 turned into $700 in slightly more than two weeks.  Most hands were played in ZOOM PLO on PokerStars up to 10PLO, no rakeback included or anything like that.  Just plain old grinding.

I played ~25k hands during this period, and the average win rate was ~27 bb/100.  Not enough of a sample to say anything certain about the win rate, so take that with a grain of salt.  But probably well enough of a sample to know that the win rate at these stakes can be massive compared to higher limits.  I did also run a bit above EV, but I think the results are still very clear that the micros games are super beatable even given rake and all else. 

Anyone achieving similar results at 10PLO will also be in good shape for 25 and 50PLO.  Above that there are some additional difficulties that pop up, but it's not too different honestly.  Oh, and please don't think of this as a brag.  I don't feel like I did anything special at all, just played a fairly simple solid game without anything too fancy.  Anyone with reasonable experience from higher limits would get similar results I'm sure.  I'm just putting this out there for people who are starting out and somehow wonder whether it's possible to grind up from $100.  It certainly is.

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