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Getting back into the game

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Getting back into the game

Hey everyone.

I used to play a lot of poker. I did very well playing live NLH & PLO at Foxwoods, was mostly breakeven at PLO online, was losing at NLH online. I did win a little bit in 8game but being from the US I don't really have access to those games anymore.

I stopped playing live right at the end of 2010. I stopped playing because I went through big life changes. Met a girl and we had a daughter (we have 3 daughters now). She really didn't understand poker at all. I used to go to work at 7am, get out at 3:30, go home and take a shower and sleep for a few hours, drive to Foxwoods and play all night till I had to leave and drive the hour back to work. I did that 2 or 3 times a week and went 2 weekends every month. the times I'd go and have losing sessions she just couldn't understand so I ended up stopping my visits to the casino. So I upped my online volume, but of course just a few months into 2011 black Friday hit and that was it for her. I didn't have a huge amount of $ online but it was enough.... So that was basically it for me playing. I took maybe 5 or 6 trips to Foxwoods over the next 9 years.

I really missed playing so last year i jumped back in. Deposited very little money on ACR to try out the micros to get my feet wet again and boy oh boy has the game changed.

I've played a total of 37,076 hands of PLO2 on ACR and damn I need a lot of work lol

I'm making this thread with the intention of posting hands and monthly, maybe even weekly graphs, and to hold my self accountable. I just got myself the FTGU PLO course and diving in.

Thanks for reading!

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