Help with Pokerjuice syntax

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Help with Pokerjuice syntax

I'm just starting my trial with pokerjuice and I'm not sure how to best (or correctly) write my opponents range to start tampering with some scenarios. I'm quite new to Omaha, but I have a very good idea of what my opponent's range looks like. Can someone with experience help me clean this up?
I spent some time looking at the general syntax in odds oracle and learned a bit about the smart syntax in poker juice to learn the language, and here's what I got:

Here is the range:
Not AA or trips : !AA!RRR
Any two pair: OONN
Any double suited cards: WWXX
Any rundown: $0g
Any one gapper: $1g
Any 4cards 7 or higher: [7+][7+][7+][7+]
Any single suited pair 66 or higher: wwxy66+
Any single suited 2 gapper: wwxy$2g
Single suited connected-ish cards: wwxy(2357+,2457+,2467+,234+,245+,235+)
Connected-ish pairs: 5532+,5542+,4332+,5442+,6552+,4322+,5322+,6322+,5422+,6422+,6522+

And I would put it all together like this: !AA!RRR[OONN,WWXX,$0g,$1g,[7+][7+][7+][7+],wwxy(66+,$2g,2357+,2457+,2467+,234+,245+,235+),5532+,5542+,4332+,5442+,6552+,4322+,5322+,6322+,5422+,6422+,6522+]

Is that right?

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