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How/where to exploit a certain opponent

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How/where to exploit a certain opponent

I'm having trouble with a specific villain. He plays 50/40 pf and 4bs a ton oop. As the raiser, he's constantly betting in HU pots, but gives up a bit more cbetting multiway. For HU pots, he doesn't like to fold vs raises and does like to bet turns and rivers way too much.

My question is where do I start exploiting this opponent? I would think start raising unpolarized for thinner value, but that ends up thinning out my calling range on later streets. I've been playing pretty wide vs him pf ip, but don't really know if I should even loosen up my range, as I'll have no blinds to defend from BTN/CO.

Thoughts on what I should be doing with specific parts of my range?

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