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Interesting 25/50 PLO ZOOM hand

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Interesting 25/50 PLO ZOOM hand

BN: duubadaaba: $4760
SB: ZiWuvdUbtiYd: $2000
BB: Skjervy: $11778.25
HJ: trlanke: $7940.38
CO: Domce: $19856.66
Preflop ($75.00) (5 Players)
Domce was dealt 6 K K 5
trlanke raises to $125, Domce calls $125, duubadaaba folds, ZiWuvdUbtiYd raises to $550, Skjervy folds, trlanke calls $425, Domce calls $425
Flop ($1725.00) K 4 9 (3 Players)
ZiWuvdUbtiYd checks, trlanke checks, Domce checks
Turn ($1725.00) K 4 9 2 (3 Players)
ZiWuvdUbtiYd bets $475, trlanke calls $475, Domce raises to $1950, ZiWuvdUbtiYd folds, trlanke calls $1475
River ($6100.00) K 4 9 2 5 (2 Players)
trlanke bets $5440.38, and is all in

Hello guys I recently played quite an interesting hand at 25/50 ZOOM PLO, wanted to double check what guys think about my line. "ZiwuvdUbtiYD" is a regular for lower games than 25/50 and these ones plays as short stack mostly. I am beating his range in this situation, however popping it up achieves not that much, not sure if "trlanke" (new player in the games, at least I saw him the first time, look like an abc player on the tighter side) would ever make a mistake if I raise small,  "ZiwuvdUbtiYD" decides to ship & I don't want to face up my hand in this spot so I think call is the most optimal decision preflop with the current stack sizes. On the flop once they both check "ZiwuvdUbtiYD" is most likely having complete air as I think he would get in AAxx QQJx QQTX JT9x QT9x any flush draw combo all the time, maybe even A9xx there unluess he has AAxxss combo and decided to play tricky, however we are getting it in against that hand all the time anyway. Flop didn't hit our opponents pretty much as we block both their Kxxx hands and spades, sets and 2pair combos would lead into us most likely, "trlanke" range is pretty wide here from rundowns to strong connected pairs and double pair hands, I decided to check back as there are very few bad cards for us on the turn and they can even be good ones as they would induce bluffs from our opponents with let's say blockers to the straights + we let guys chase 2pair combos, lower sets, let them make lower flushes,  "ZiwuvdUbtiYD" will think that he still might represent value hand on complete blanks and try to pull as out. So we hit a complete blank on the turn  "ZiwuvdUbtiYD" decides to bet small, expecting that we both completely missed, "trlanke" calls there with pretty wide range there as he gets extremly good price to draw anything so I decided to raise at this point and get called by "trlanke". River card looks decent as we block the 6 & I am not sure if the opponent would ship first A3xx there, so the key combos we are afraid of are 653x. With no additional info about our opponent I think it's quite an easy call on the river, maybe u guys got other opinions. Looking forward to your comments.

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