Introducing myself, hopefully a big future winner

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Introducing myself, hopefully a big future winner

Hi All,

I just joined RunItOnce after reading some of the comments here in the forum. As a former professional player I immediately appreciated the quality of the thinking processes. I hope to join the group and add also value here.

I have a couple of years break from professional poker. I did very well in easy, ancient times before 2010, then used all the money for living and tilted the rest. Lifetime winnings are around half a million dollars (all gone). After 2015 green line has not shown any real profits though. At the moment I have not the bankroll to play bigger games, where rake would be less and I depened from income from other sources.

I also try to play PLO (I find it easier to find fish in PLO than in NL) with my NL skills. Obviously I have beaten the competition but not beaten the rake. Rake is awful around 15 bb/100 and my playing style has not really tried to minimize it. My style to play is pretty much exploiting one. As a very bad habit I do love to get in the marginal spots, which increase the rake.

My strengths:
-Deep understanding about NL-holdem
-Excellent mathematical skills
-Ability to adapt to different kind of opponents
-Ability to solve situations independently when doing off the tables analysis

My wekanesses
-Mental game
-Constantly play too many tables. (Graph sample average is 6,18)
-Not being able to use any carefully thinking when table count passes 4 (usually always)
-Bad bankroll management
-Tilt issues
-Too much strategy originates from NL (There most situations are way ahead, way behind)
-Inability to read hands accurately in PLO

During that transition to PLO I have always had the feeling that I am beating the competition, but actual cash graph shows no profit lately. Looks like poker has developed so much that my edge is nowadays smaller than the rake. I want to join the best regardless if I ever can play again for living or if I just must keep this as a hobby.

I will be playing PLO25-100 in the beginning for bankroll reasons. I still like to post this intro to the middle-stakes forum as I feel to think more like people in middle stakes. Hopefully I can start to play there too. Here is also my graph after 2017. I feel that I have potential still to become a winner again if I manage to do hard work needed.

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