Is PLO profitable in the long run?

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Is PLO profitable in the long run?

Hey guys

This is my first post here. I'm a full-time player playing mostly sit n go's and mtt's ranging from $7.50 to $1050 buy in's and I would consider myself a decent player. Just before writing this post I finsihed 14th place in the $7.50 bounty builder on stars.

I keep cashing in almost every tournament, but as soon as I get into a PLO cash game, this happens:

This is just from today. I'm down around $1400 playing 50PLO. On average I make around $900 playing MTT's every day, and then I dump double that back into PLO. Bankroll is not an issue and I'm not playing above what I should be. The reason I'm playing is because the game the challenging, PLO is fascinating to me and the game is more fun than NLHE.

However, I have to keep fighting to break even and as soon as I get a premium hand like 9hAhTdKd, someone sucks out on me with 4398o after a 5bet all in.

Is PLO really profitable in the long run? Or will you always end up losing money due to the amount of players that just go all in on flops with junk and suck out when you have the best hand?

If it makes any difference, I play on pokerstars, I haven't really tried any other sites.

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