Looking for a plo4/plo5 coach for a stable to play in apps

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Looking for a plo4/plo5 coach for a stable to play in apps

Hi. I am a plo player myself but currently very busy to run a stable by myself. I am looking for coaches that currently play 5/10+ for tier 1 guys and 2/4+ for tier 2 guys. I am happy to discuss a couple of options from equity share to hourly payment.
I can get hard vouches of my integrity from a couple of high stakes guys under request.

If you point me a coach and we close a deal, I’m happy to pay a 1k usd for the referral.

I will be providing whole structure to the team, hand2note to all players, private communication channel, RIO subscriptions, stable website, youtube, twitch stream structure if needed.

Besides that, I will be pointing players into places where I evaluate is the highest EV. I will be hard vouching all winnings from these games in apps, so winnings are guaranteed.

I made decent money already from poker so only making money is not my goal. I wanna contribute to improve the lives of these hustlers we will be working with and be a shortcut to their poker success also. Prob a tiny part of the net income will be donated to charity also. I am looking for coaches that share a bit of this passion. So this project is either to create a passive income + improve lives.

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