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NEED HELP! Deep Stack PLO Hand History

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NEED HELP! Deep Stack PLO Hand History

I would love any and all feedback on this hand history. I'm not sure what adjustments should be made playing extremely deep.

App game. .75/1.50/3 PLO. 5 handed atm.

My hand AdAcJc5h

1 limp. I iso on the button to 14. 3rd blind 3! to 48. Limper folds. I call.

Flop Qd7d2s Pot 101 Effective stacks 1168

Player bets 67. I call.

Turn 2h Pot 235 Effective stacks 1100

Player bets 148. I call.

Villian is a solid, aggressive reg.

Are all AAxx combos 4bets pre or is there more flatting the deeper we are?
Flop call seems better than raise imo but would love counter arguments.
Turn seems like a way ahead way behind spot so I elected to flat but should I have raised now that I'm ahead of most of range?
Is me having the A of diamonds relevant?

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