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New To RIO, What Do I do?

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New To RIO, What Do I do?

Hi All...

I'm a new sub here and looking for some general direction. As a US based player, my primary goal is to learn and prepare myself for live, low stakes PLO Cash (1-2 to 5-10). I've purchased some training materials from other sites/ coaches in the past but have not seen a ton of improvement in my game, or understanding of strategy in the context of live, low stakes. I see a lot of material based around 6-max cash solves and ranges, etc. Does the community recommend these as a baseline for learning how to navigate live low stakes cash, anyone with experience in that regard? In 2023, I want to commit to learning and studying PLO as much as I play, but I'm a bit lost on where to begin and would love to hear from anyone who has successfully leveraged this platform to improve their live low stakes cash strategy and results. What courses to select, etc.

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