[PL10] - AA 3bp, tough turn runout

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[PL10] - AA 3bp, tough turn runout

UTG 38/25 with 32% EP rfi.
SB 65/5

P: std sqz for value
F: It is a board that technically hits UTG's range pretty well. SB is way too wide. Spr is 1.7 and we need aprox 38% to go broke on this flop. If we get money in on this flop I don't think we are doing very well vs both of villains GII ranges. That is the reason I choose a smaller sizing, because there is still a lot of value to gain vs SB and if any of them shoves flop I think I have an easy fold.
T: Turn brings a pretty bad card, it improves a lot of his flop calling range. I decide to xb and mostly give up if I don't improve.
R: Changes nothing therefor I give up.

-How would you play this hand?
-What are your sizing post flop and reasons for it?

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