[PL10] - Lost on the river

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[PL10] - Lost on the river

Villain 34/20 with 11% 3b. He is bombing even in MP with 29%(14), probably a sample, but just to paint the picture that he probably 3b same wide range from all positions.

Thought process:
F: He xb so he is pretty much capping himself to medium weak hands or air.
T: We turn nuts with, nfd redraw, that is why I pot in this case, to charge his weaker fd’s or to freeroll him when we are splitting.
R: It was really hard to imagine how many boat combos can he have here. My instinct told me not many, because firstly he xb flop, we pot ott and we block many cards that would make his "2p+combo draw" ott a call. At the same time it is probably too thin to vbet for value anyway. We block clubs twice which is not the greatest thing.
A lot of gray area in my thinking here is created by his wide 3b %, I have no idea how he constructs his range and how weighted are some hands then postflop.


1. This river is to thin to vbet probably - b/f kinda makes little sense, right?
2. Is xc an option?

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