Playing AA 400bb deep on an unfriendly flop

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Playing AA 400bb deep on an unfriendly flop

Hey all. Another Global "HH" for you. As always, sorry for the formatting (or lack thereof).

25c/50c PLO 6max (full table).

UTG ~$205
HJ ~$252
CO ~$17
BTN ~$65
SB (HERO) ~$201
BB ~$56

I don't remember all player reads (and don't have immediate access to them due to transcribing this from Global's anonymizing replayer in a tab I've had open since last night), but I do remember the table generally being quite loose with the MARKED exception (and I do mean marked; I made a note to this effect) of HJ. Not even an hour into their time at the table, I realized I wasn't seeing them in, like, any pots. And I was playing a lot of pots (running hot; see stack size), so I would have noticed. So I made a note on them, suspecting them of being very tight.

So when they RFI/call, it's not liable to be trash.

Hero is dealt AsJs7sAc. HJ raises to $1.75. CO & BTN call. Hero 3bets to $9.25. HJ & CO call.

Flop ($30; Hero w/ $192, HJ w/ $242, CO w/ $7.32)

Normally, I'm betting $15 here with a lot of my range: KK+, Qxxx, and a lot of heart draws as long as they have something else going for them too.

But I unblock a lot of high-equity raises from HJ, and it's a short trek from a cbet to making a decision for my stack. And my nut outs are extremely limited. (Backdoor quad draw, obv.)

I decide I don't really want the pot to get much bigger with where I am in my range on this flop. I check.

HJ pots. You know, HJ? The guy who I'd pegged as a rock? Yikes.

CO folds.


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