PLO Beginner Advice

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PLO Beginner Advice

Hey everyone,

I'm a new PLO player looking to learn the game and grind the most micro cash stakes. Primarily a NLH MTT player and thought this would be a fun way to learn a new game and make a buy in or two here and there potentially. I've got the FTGU course and look forward to running through that.

I'm curious to hear anyone's best advice for preflop. Whether it be your raising/limping strategy or hand selection, I just feel that I'm some solid advice away from making a big leap from complete novice to bad amateur. As far as hand selection goes now, I definitely trend toward double suited semi-connectors, rundowns, big pairs with playable side stuff, etc. One simple thing I feel I'm missing is what hands are actually the best preflop equity wise? I suppose it's hard to beat a hand with AA in PREFLOP equity but obviously that's very vulnerable.

Anyway, just curious to hear what people think of The Great Game here. Excited to learn more about.

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