PLO Coaching: New Group Rates

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PLO Coaching: New Group Rates

Hey all,

I have received a lot of interest regarding group coaching and rates. I decided it could be beneficial to both parties to implement this idea and after some thought here is what I am now offering outside of the 1v1 coaching that is offered and described in the post titled "PLO Coaching":

Group Coaching:
-Same methodology as with my 1v1 coaching, which focuses heavily on recorded sessions and analysis.
-With the group though I will share the analysis/videos with however many are in the group (2-4) as well as be available for further questions and thoughts for each person individually. So, for example if there is a group of 3 and one of you sends a video of your session I can analyze it and share it with all 3 of you, as well as answer any thoughts or questions that any of you 3 have.
-I'm flexible to other ideas regarding methodology, so if the group wants to discuss a different method I am flexible, but the recorded analysis will be the standard offering.

Group Rates:
-The benefit of the group coaching offer are the rates that are marked down from my standard 1v1 rates. This may allow some of you to come together and get some help with your game(s) while paying less if that is more convenient than the 1v1 rates. Here are what my 1v1 rates are again and the group rates for comparison:

Standard 1v1 rates:
-$85/hr for 5-9 hours up front
-$75/hr for 10+ hours up front

New Group rates (10 hours+ up front only):
-$50/hr for each person in a 2 person group, so for example $500 for each person for the entire 10 hours
-$45/hr for each person in a 3 person group, so $450 for each person for the entire 10 hours
-$40/hr for each person in a 4 person group, so $400 for each person for the entire 10 hours

I believe this will be an effective way to lower the cost for some of you that are interested in coaching and will allow me to help more of you at the same time. Feel free to contact me via PM here on RIO or via email at [email protected] if you are interested.

Thank you,


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