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Real tricky spot on 5/10$ deep at stars.

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Real tricky spot on 5/10$ deep at stars.

CO: teddy wong: $1000
BN: YaAaRnY: $2343.43
SB: ISILDRooN: $2000
BB: A1essandr0: $1512.77
Preflop ($15.00) (4 Players)
ISILDRooN was dealt A A 5 8
teddy wong raises to $30, YaAaRnY raises to $113, ISILDRooN calls $108, A1essandr0 folds, teddy wong calls $83
Flop ($349.00) 6 8 3 (3 Players)
ISILDRooN bets $230, teddy wong raises to $885, YaAaRnY raises to $1540

Hi guys, had a hand yesterday that would have been nice do discuss! 

I'll tell u a little about my thoughts about my preeflopp play.

First of all, my std is def to 4b here. However this time i opted just to flat. YaAaRnY is a rly good regg as most of u know with like a ~20% 3b on BU. Wong is also a very loose aggro regg. I just felt that i'm not super happy about the std 4b in SB 200bb eff OOP vs  YaAaRnY with a pair of medium aces, vs worse players that make tons of mistakes post and have little less well constructed 3betting range on the BU i def just go ahead and 4bett but i felt like this was just such a awesome spot to flat. 

+Wong likes to come over the topp with a 4b semijam here pretty light a ton of the time

+It give our oop flatting range some strength and better board coverage 

How do u guys feel about the flat? +/-



I opted to lead, wong snappshoves and  YaAaRnY just snapped raised 

I only have a small read here, YaAaRnYs sizing is not full pott and i would say that is cause he wants to make his raise look stronger than it actually is, otherwise i'm pretty clueless but since we have another 100bb to play vs  YaAaRnY with i guess we just cant fold here, or can we?


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