Study/Analysis/Construction of postflop ranges

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Study/Analysis/Construction of postflop ranges

Hi guys again ,

I didn't know what stakes i should put this thread into, so guess Low stakes will do since i am struggling down here.

I understood i cant play actual hands postflop and have to play range postflop in same way of thinking as preflop.I started to do something naturally and analysed few flops,found some similar and grouped them together etc. , but i fear my methods might not be the most effective (perhaps the fastest) ones.

So i came here for good advice from players who know well about this topic (and obviously a consequence of it is they are winners on small stakes+) . Any word from these players would be highly appreciated.

What would be the most effective/fastest way of analysing tons of hours my postflop ranges?. I am sure i am missing some link how to do this better. Maybe better question would be how do you approach and process offtable work?

Thank you for kind advices , 7th Lion :)

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