Superdeep HU against agressive fish

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Superdeep HU against agressive fish

Hi, looking if someone have any experience in this (mostly looking for typical adjustments against this spesific villain)

The game: 6$/12$ buy in is from 1200 to 5k usually starting with 5k, This match aswell
-No limps allowed, minraises either
- Villain is raising 100% otb, (even trips as he doesn't look at his cards)
- 3betting something around 15-40% depends on his mood i guess

Notes so far after 400hands
- Seen him 3bet AJ23ddd, 4bet KJJ2ds
- Cbets close to 100% in every spot both singleraised and 3bet pots
- Goes for 2streets (could go 3) with, Straight on monotone flop (both single and 3bpot)
- barrels KQ24 on K73Tss for value it seems
- Mostly seems to be completing river with no blockers at all

  • What is a reasonable defending % in bb? Would imagine it should be defended alot tighter than 80-90%, Rake is 3% CAP 3$

Any other inputs/things to consider in situations like this?

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