Trying my hand on Pokerjuice

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Trying my hand on Pokerjuice

Hey guys I downloaded the free trial and giving it a go.

Here is my first hand I tried, please bear with me :)

Quick description, it is a BvB vs a reggish player playing 32/23/7 over 1.8k hands.
It is folded to me I raise in SB, he 3bets, I call. On flop I check, he bets and I check-raise.
Question: Is the check raise +EV? Is checking off +EV?

I assumed in this situation he 3bets 10% so I put that in.
On the flop I set his range to continue (bet) with any spades, any 6, and big pairs.He could of course bluff too – bet/fold hands like KQJT without spades, so I added that too. However when I hower over the input field JT98+!ss only showes as JT98 so I assume I screwed up the syntax. (!ss does not mean no spades?)

For the stack off range I put Aces, QQ+ with spades, 789T with spades and of course any 6.

Next is the EV calculation for the shove on the flop. However at which step do we do it? There are 3 steps 1. I check 2. he bets and 3. I check/raise. Now of course it is fairly obvious that I should calculate at step 3 but why not step 2 (when he bets).
I am a bit at loss here especially that the results vary hugely when he bets we get -1.15€ when I c/r 6.06€. And when then calculating at step one would make some sense too and we would get another result -2.23€. I know that the stack sizes and stack to pot ratio is different for each step but would this really account for the different results?

Am I over complicating this?
Any help is appreciated.

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