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Ugly spot 2nd set dry board F+T

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Ugly spot 2nd set dry board F+T

BN: ronin_bg: $6.71
SB: E Fyrst: $11.70
BB: taxmans82: $6.26
UTG: patrykzare2: $9.25
HJ: chuanpb: $9.25
Preflop ($0.15) (6 Players)
E Fyrst was dealt 9 7 9 7
patrykzare2 calls $0.10, chuanpb folds, FREEDOMPAO folds, ronin_bg folds, E Fyrst raises to $0.30, taxmans82 raises to $0.60, patrykzare2 calls $0.50, E Fyrst calls $0.30
Flop ($1.95) Q 9 6 (3 Players)
E Fyrst checks, taxmans82 checks, patrykzare2 bets $1.72, E Fyrst calls $1.72, taxmans82 folds
Turn ($5.39) Q 9 6 3 (2 Players)
E Fyrst checks, patrykzare2 bets $5.02
Vill got 2$~ behind after potting turn so either c/f or c/jam.
Do you guys think this is a nitty fold giving the only hand beating us is QQxx? After he pot turn he rep QQ/Q9 and he might even barrel with Q6 putting me on KKxx or some str8/flush hand.

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