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Updated Coaching Information

Hello RIO members,

I wanted to briefly update my coaching info as I have had quite a few emails lately regarding specifics (methodology, rates, how you are charged, etc.).

Methodology: I have found that analyzing recorded footage or hands/specific spots from databases has been by far the most effective method regarding improvement. I will always mention what we can do in theory and in practice all while focusing on how to best simplify the overall process and exploit populations.

I do not meet via Skype chat anymore and it’s not because I don’t like the guys I work with, but rather that I find it to be not as efficient regarding both methodology and time. The roster is almost always at its cap and I find that it is incredibly difficult to find common times to meet all while trying to balance the schedule and give everyone their deserved analysis which I take great pride in delivering. I can answer follow up questions from videos of course and any general questions while working together via Skype messenger, email or discord, but I do not do live meetings at this time.

For PLO200+ I charge the following:

$125/hr for 5-9 hours up front
$100/hr for 10+ hours up front

For PLO100 or lower, as well as live low to mid stakes PLO and NLHE I charge the following:

$60/hr for 5-9 hours up front
$50/hr for 10+ hours up front

For non video analysis (strictly written analysis for each spot via a word document) I charge the following for all stakes:

$40/hr for 5-9 hours up front
$30/hr for 10+ hours up front

How you are charged (how I track your hours):

For any video analysis as of now I track minutes/hours based on how long the video I send back to is in length and I double that time for the analysis that I come up with prior to the actual recording. I have found that on average the time to analyze the video comes out to about the same length in time as the actual recording, so let’s make this simple and use an example:

If you send a 45 minute long session I will normally break that video into about 3 parts of 15 minutes of footage each. Those 15 minutes will likely take about 40-45 minutes (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) to analyze and then about that same time to record the video.

To keep things as transparent as possible I will use the video time I send back and just double that time to track everything, so if part 1 (your 15 minutes of footage) takes 45 minutes to record, then I mark off 1.5 hours of time from the package.

Let me know of course if you have any questions about anything and feel free to contact me if so at [email protected]

Thank you,

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