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Video topics

So I'm currently trying to work out what kinds of things I wanna talk about in my upcoming videos and was wondering if there was any stuff people would be particularly interested in seeing content on. Currently I'm thinking stuff like:

- Flatting preflop raises - next video is going to be about the factors which go into me deciding not to 3-bet in spots where it may look like a good idea/be normal for my game.

- Calling 4-bets against tight players - a really simple video in which I go through how to do the PPT sims to check which hands are profitable calls against the normal 4-bet range of low stakes players (by which I mean AA** obv).

- Reads/note taking - suggested by Sean Fri, a video/series of videos where I show some hands which resulted in me taking notes on villains and then how I used these notes to adapt to their play.

So yeah, if anyone has things they'd like to hear about etc., let me know here and I'll see what I can do.

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