What is a good level of accuracy for PLO vision

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What is a good level of accuracy for PLO vision

I'm doing a lot of practice using vision, for example I am doing BTN rfi practice right now and have around 95% accuracy. Most of the mistakes I make come from quite marginal hands, a few examples:

JJT3r I folded (should be raise)
A762 ss (A) I raised (should be fold, a763ss is raise)
9865 3s I raised (should be folded but minimum open for ss middle gap is 7643)

My question is how important is it to get these ~5% of really close hands correct?

Should I continue to grind BTN opens until I have Removed these GTO mistakes or is 95% accuracy good enough, should I move on and if uncertain about a BTN open in future mark it and address the mistake then?

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